We Love Local? Workshop

Full details: http://pollinators.org.au/event/love-local-training/ Everyone from government policy-makers to weekend coffee-drinkers think about the social and economic impact of ‘local’, and it’s a conversation that needs to be had. Does buying local really makes our community or world a better place? Who is local, anyway? What are other criteria I could use to guide how I buy? If I want to sell or market my local services, how can I do this better? This workshop will bring together the insights and expertise from the previous weeks and offer you insights, tools and tips to make the most of ‘localism’. The Workshop is relevant to: Established local businesses looking to increase their reach and impact in the local market Social enterprises and NFPs wanting to capitalise on their social and local credentials to secure procurement contracts Government and corporate procurement staff keen to increase their percentage of local procurement New enterprises investigating offering new local products or services into the market Guest presenters will include: John Stanley of John Stanley Associates — Retail consultant and reputable speaker and adviser on growing local enterprise Milton Milroy of MEEDAC — MEEDAC have established innovative local food enterprises through contracts to Karara Mining Mark Weston of Bookara Goat Dairy — Mark’s established a local Goat Dairy that sells cheeses in the Midwest and across the state Gavin Treasure of Mid West Development Commission —Gavin’s passionate and well-informed about the power of localism to transform towns and regions Wendy Norris of Geraldton Organised Primary Producers — Wendy leads GOPP — a Midwest success story taking a collaborative approach to local buying Benefits from attending will include: Get valuable insights from expert and experienced guest speakers, Discuss strategies and tactics for improving marketing and procurement of local products and services, Connect with new partners, collaborators and service providers, Get the ‘facts’ about perceptions and habits, as documented through the survey results. For details of other events during this month, check the ‘We Love Local?’ page on Pollinators website.
-Location: CityHive, 184 Marine Tce, Geraldton -Start Time: 25 Mar 2014 01:00 PM -Contact: jo@pollinators.org.au