Oakajee funding pulled to pay for Perth trains and stadium

Oakajee Port will be $600,000,000 more expensive to build under a Labor government.

The WA Labor party has announced they will prioritise city projects realising they have little chance at winning any seats in the Geraldton region anyway.

“The right priority is to ensure we get great transport infrastructure in Perth while at the same time getting a world class, better located stadium,” says opposition leader 

Opposition Leader Mark McGowan.

To be clear, the Liberal party weren't about to fund the entire $6 billion project. But the $339 million that they had put aside to help build some of the infrastructure was also going to be matched by the federal government. So you can kiss that goodbye as well if Labor comes into power in WA. 

Not that Oakajee Port is a guaranteed thing under any government, but the Labor party have put their flags up and declared what their priorities are.

It's almost as if they forget which industries are paying the taxes that affords Perth the opportunity to purchase all these wonderful toys.

But at least they're being honest and upfront about where the money is coming from.