Proposed changes to WA parks management - Liberal Party

Do you want to see more camping grounds developed in regional WA?

Press release below from Liberal party.

A Liberal Government, if re-elected, will fundamentally change and improve how Western Australia’s parks are managed and enjoyed, including the proposed Moresby Range Conservation Park.

Under the changes, the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) will be replaced by two separate environmental agencies, the Western Australian Parks Authority (WAPA) to promote and protect the State’s world famous parks, and the Department of Environment Regulation (DER) which will focus on regulation and licensing.

Geraldton MLA Ian Blayney said the dedicated new Parks Authority will work to broaden our State’s economy by promoting the amazing scientific, adventure and tourism potential of WA’s extraordinary natural assets.

Mr Blayney said a Liberal Government would invest $20million over four years creating more low-cost camping and accommodation facilities in WA’s national parks and conservation areas.

The $20 million investment will initially focus on the development and improvement of facilities at WA parks, including the proposed Moresby Range Conservation Park and Lochada and Karara ex-pastoral leases.

“This investment will allow the new Western Australian Parks Authority to build more low cost campgrounds and related facilities, including communal kitchens, which will help attract more families and adventurers into our parks,” Mr Blayney said.

“The investment will be spread across 11 national parks and conservation areas, including.”

If re-elected, a Liberal Government would work with the Public Sector Commission and affected departments with a view to have the new arrangements for the WA Parks Authority and the Department of Environment Regulation in place by 2014.

Planning and works for the new WAPA facility will commence during the 2013-14 financial term, with construction commencing halfway through the second term.

It would house up to 120 DEC staff, including the 80 staff in the current Bunbury office, with the opportunity for future expansion.

The Liberal-led Government has already allocated more than $24million for capital works such as parking, walking trails and visitor information across more than 25 million hectares of national parks, marine parks, State forests, conservation reserves and regional parks.

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