Talented local musicians shine: In a digital economy, Geraldton doesn't feel so isolated

The past

There once was a time where living in an isolated city meant you felt cut off from the rest of the world.

If you wanted to succeed in business, you lived in a capital city.  If you wanted to grow your computer software business, you would pack up and move to California. If you wanted to succeed in music, you moved to Sydney or Melbourne, or preferably the US.


But the internet has become the great equaliser. If you have a talent that can be shared digitally, you have just as much of the world at your fingertips here in Geraldton as anyone in New York, Sydney or Perth. 

People can self publish their own books via Amazon or Apple, they can share their movies through YouTube or Vimeo, and they can broadcast their music via Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify or many other platforms.

In fact, we are all so accustomed to buying our music online now that if you head into the local Sanity store, famous for being a music retailer, you will find WAY more DVD's than CD's; selling DVD's is the only way they were able to survive.

Locals making art

A couple of locals with very different styles have published their own music and made it available for the world to download. These guys are showing us all that anyone with a great talent can have a go.

Nalini Tranquim

Nalini has been making and recording her own music for years. Nalini produces very easy listening gospel style music which sounds as professionally recorded and produced as anything you would expect from a major record label. 

Local photographer "Jewell Photography", who did the cover shoot for Nalini's recent single, is even running a competition on Facebook with a  location photoshoot & 5 images on a disk up for grabs. You can read more about the competition by clicking here.

Nalini has made her music available for fans from all around the world by making it available from Apple's iTunes store. You can download a song for about $1.69, and iTunes even lets you have a good preview of the music first to see if you like it. Click here to check it out.

Michael Tibbs

24 year old Michael grew up in Geraldton. He attended Waggrakine Primary, John Willcock and then Geraldton Secondary College (Carson). 

He didn't feel like he ever did well academically, but can still remember a relief teacher who saw something in him. "Miss Henry", Michael recalls. "Once told me she wouldn't be surprised if she saw me on tv doing some kind of entertainment".

Entertaining is what Michael loves, specifically via his music he makes available through Soundcloud. 

Michael Tibbs, going by the moniker "Kingwibz" produces a blend of rap, r&b/hip hop, and freestyling. You can listen to his material by clicking right here.

Jason Smith

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