Community space a high priority for Sunset Beach residents

The creation of a community space and shed on Bosley Street, Sunset Beach was apopular idea with residents at the recently held Sunset Beach Community Planning Workshop.

Phil Melling, City of Greater Geraldton Director of Sustainable Communities, said workshop participants wanted the community space to be shared by all residents, young and aged, and to offer a wide variety of activities during the day and at night.

“The ‘Community Shed’ component would feature meeting rooms where people could play darts or cards; it could have a kitchen where young people could take cooking lessons and a workshop,” Mr Melling said.

Alternate forms of shops and houses were a number of ideas residents of Sunset Beach discussed during the workshop on April 13.

Another idea residents raised was the development of more shops and alternative housing types along Chapman Road and linking the entire suburb with better walkways.

“The idea of reducing the road reserve and utilising it by building shops, restaurants and cafes that have apartments above them along Chapman Road in an area from the Bosley Street roundabout through to Whitworth Drive was raised,” Mr Melling said.

“This potentially could create more housing options for those who don’t want to live in the traditional 4x2 home while at the same time providing residents with nearby places to shop, eat and meet with friends and family.

“Other discussions revolved around the construction of more walkways throughout the suburb that can be shared by cyclists, skaters and walkers; especially along the coastal strip so residents and visitors alike can enjoy the beach without endangering the environment,” said Mr Melling.

The ideas generated are now being utilised to inform the creation of a series of possible suburb designs which will be presented back to the Sunset Beach community for consideration.

“An urban designer will now incorporate the ideas and aspirations of the workshop participants into a series of draft plans for the long term development of the Sunset Beach suburb,” said Mr Melling

“These plans will be presented to the community at a second workshop where residents will have the opportunity to say what they like, what they don’t like and how the plan can be changed to create the ideal suburb that will be sustainable and meet the needs of future generations.” 


Jason Smith

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