Friendly reminder by tourists to keep Geraldton tidy

Geraldton historically was never considered a "tourist" town, but that's changed quite rapidly in the last few years. 

With the increased efforts in promoting the city and the region, not to mention the millions of dollars spent beautifying the foreshore and the city in general, feedback from passers through about Geraldton has shifted to an overwhelmingly positive tone.

With the improved opinions of Geraldton also comes a higher expectations by visitors to our city, and one friendly passer through was kind enough to share this image above with us. 

We've all seen worse of course, but it's good to keep in the back of our minds that Geraldton is increasingly becoming a tourist destination for travellers from all over the world, and we all have a small roll to play. 

Remembering to take your rubbish with you does more than just save someone else from having to clean up your mess; it helps sell the city, the region, improves tourist's enjoyment of our city, and this flows on to more money spent locally and therefore more jobs locally. 

For the most part, Geraldton residents do a great job. Let's double down and do what we can to keep Geraldton beautiful. 


Jason Smith

Founder of Everything Geraldton, Everything Mandurah, & Everything Perth. Law Student. Father, Husband, Bitcoin, Cigars.