Community causes to get a boost from marketing experts

 On 20th and 21st June 8 local marketing, media and branding experts will share their expertise with community organisations and social entrepreneurs, assisting them to better market their activities and organisations. 

Pollinators Inc, a local non-profit social enterprise, has worked with more than two hundred local social entrepreneurs, community groups and not-for-profit organisations in the past two years. Amongst organisations working for the environment, the disadvantaged, or on community projects, a common challenge is how to “get the message out there” or “communicate in a way that means people take action”.

Pollinators, supported by the Mid West Development Commission, has partnered with a range of local experts and organisation to present an evening panel discussion and three workshops focusing on different aspects of...."Marketing what Matters".

This event and training will empower participants to reach wider audiences and have a bigger impact on a limited budget. The sessions will be valuable to anyone with a message of public relevance, community benefit or that needs to be heard by decision-makers.

Pollinators Executive Officer, Andrew Outhwaite, said: “We live in times when it is increasingly necessary for non-profit, community-based organisations to be smart about their communication and outreach. They are competing for the attention of funders, volunteers and members when each of those audiences is already often overwhelmed with messages. What those organisations and individuals do really matters, so we’re trying to help them be as effective as possible.”

“Luckily, the Midwest has a lot of expertise, some great case studies of success, and we live in times where digital technology can aid in running professional campaigns. It’s often expensive or difficult to access these sorts of experts, so these events are really an opportunity not to be missed.”

The format of the event is innovative, enabling people to choose which and how they engage with the sessions, and offered at rates affordable for voluntary and community organisations. The sessions include

  1. A panel discussion and networking event on Thursday 20th June at 5.30pm featuring experts in branding, media, PR, marketing and case studies of local organisations,
  2. Three parallel “Masterclass” workshops on Friday morning from 9am addressing:
    1. Branding
    2. Media & PR
    3. Social Media
  3. Real-time interaction with participants via social media,
  4. Options to participate in both or either events, or join the panel discussion via webcast

Full details of the event are available online: or on Pollinators Facebook page: 

Event sponsors and partners include:

  • Mid West Development Commission
  • Jodi McGuire Events, Functions and Marketing,
  • Rev Design
  • Blaze Digital
  • Geraldton Digital TV
  • Shout Consulting
  • Midwest Charity Begins at Home
  • Sinosteel Midwest Corporate Limited
  • Chamber of Minerals and Energy
  • Geraldton Guardian
  • 2029 and Beyond — Million Trees
  • Geraldton Ocean Baths