That's not an olympic torch you saw in Geraldton today

You may have spotted someone running through town today carrying what looked like an Olympic torch.   

Everything Geraldton has had numbers of enquiries from people wondering if someone in town had gone a little loopy and decided to start their own Olympic ceremony. 

It's all part of what's known as the world peace run. 

You can learn more about it here: 

We spoke with Anubha Baird who's with the team of 16 runners doing the huge run. She tells us there are a huge mix of nationalities and faiths partaking in the run. Some of the runners from Mongolia were especially amazed by Australia, as they had never seen the ocean before, and in fact never really seen fences, as they tell us Mongolia is all open without fences.  

The team will be meeting with children from several schools tomorrow, Leaning Tree, St Francis Xavier, Geraldton Primary and Allendale Primary.  

The motto of the Peace Run is "Peace begins with me". 

Anubha encourages anyone who sees them running along the road to feel welcome to join them and carry the torch and run with them if they feel so inclined.  

From here it's off to Northampton and then Binnu, arriving at the Billabong Roadhouse hopefully by tomorrow night. 

There are three teams of runners running at any given time, leapfrogging each other to help share the distance.  

PS try not to run them over. 



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