Geraldton Fishing Report

Brought to you by Geraldton Land Based Fishing.

Well guys fishing has been fairly bleak this week, poor weather has kept most of us indoors and some huge swells have prevented us been able to fish the better spots around Gero.

There is some good news however especially for this weekend! We've had a few days of Easterlies now and the swell is dropping off. 

The weather is only going to continue to get better as the week goes on! Hopefully now that the ocean is settling after last weeks stir up the bigger tailor will come back on the bite.

We have had a few reports come in for some sucessfull fishermen. Pages beach and the lives are still producing amazing feeds of whiting! 

It seems everyone who goes down has had some luck, just walk into the water a little bit and cast out into a patch of sand between the seagrass and you'll be bringing in plenty!

I had a personal best for a northwest blowfish of just under 150cm... and yes they do come that close to land.. scary huh!

There have been a few large stingrays around also that have been tricking fishermen into thinking they have had larger catches

Also have been scattered reports of size tailor around our local beaches but nothing to brag about yet

There was one decent catch that was sent in however a very nice size Mulloway caught north of Corronations. well done!

If you have been out fishing lately please feel free to send your photos and catches to Geraldton land based fishing



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