Future of Sunset Beach in the community’s hands

Residents of Sunset Beach came out in good numbers to view four possible development plans for the future development of the suburb, at the second community workshop held by the City of Greater Geraldton on June 10.

City Director of Sustainable Communities, Phil Melling, said it was great to see the interest from the local community who viewed the scenarios presented at the workshop, ranging from doing nothing at all, to the other end of the scale where development would include a range of higher density housing and commercial options surrounding a town piazza.

“Participants at the workshop really liked the idea of a larger village development in the open spaces along Chapman Road and Bosley Street. One of the scenarios presented identified the potential for an additional supermarket, a community town square or piazza surrounded by small retailers and apartment style housing,” he said.

Commercial and business development opportunities in areas alongside the North West Coastal Highway were also highlighted in one of the draft plans.

“The land adjacent to North West Coastal Highway was identified as having possible spaces for businesses and offices which would offer more employment opportunities to the area’s residents,” said Mr Melling.

Selective rezoning of older areas to stimulate reinvestment was also featured in three of the draft scenarios.

“Workshop participants said there is a need for different types of housing and rezoning existing residential blocks would allow for the construction of smaller home units.

“Owners/investors could also redevelop these large lots into town housing or European style apartments that would provide people with alternative housing options so that residents could stay in the area as they downsize from a larger family home,” Mr Melling said.

Feedback gathered at the workshop is being used to design a consolidated draft scenario for the future development of the area. This draft plan will be presented at the final Sunset Beach Community Workshop on Wednesday July 3 from 5pm to 7.30pm at the Geraldton Camp School.

This will give the community another chance to have its say and deliberate on the possible future of Sunset Beach. If you would like to attend the workshop please register by calling 9956 6963 or SMS your name to 0429 687 037.



Jason Smith

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