Woman rescued from vehicle by quick thinking backpackers

A woman is lucky to be alive after flipping her Commodore and landing in a ditch on the side of the Indian Ocean Road at approximately 2:00pm today.

Lisa from Leeman, who wishes her surname to be withheld, was travelling toward Perth when she lost control of her vehicle, hitting the gravel on the side of the road, swerving to the middle of the road and then flipping the vehicle and landing in scrub off the road, the vehicle on its side but not easily visible to passing traffic.

Two men from Zimbabwe, Kerin Smith and Andrew Osborne, that were travelling to Geraldton and on to Kalbarri saw the fresh gravel on the side of the road and noticed it had not been driven over.

They quickly deduced that a vehicle must have very recently gone off the road. They spun their vehicle around and discovered Lisa stuck in her vehicle.

They helped Lisa get out of the vehicle and contacted the Police and Ambulance for her.

Lisa was quite shaken, and was awaiting further medical assistance to determine the extent of any possible injuries.

No other vehicle was involved in the incident, and Police are yet to issue any findings.


Jason Smith

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