Woman tells knife wielding robber to Get Lost - CCTV helps catch suspect

At the Sunflower Deli on Marine Terrace this morning, a man walked into the store and demanded food and money from a woman serving. 

In a bold move and in front of other members of the public who were in store, she told the would be assailant to "get lost" and the man decided to leave the store. 

The woman, believed to be around her 30's, was shaken up after the event and declined speaking with the media, but Police say she made a judgement call during the incident and stood her ground. 

Police normally advise people in such a situation not to resist the demands of the person trying to rob them, and to mentally take notes that may assist the police such as the description of person. 

The City of Greater Geraldton funds the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system, and the Geraldton Police manage and store the data at the Geraldton Police Station. Due to the clear and quick call made by the store to the police, the Police using the CCTV were able to find the suspect in question very quickly, which resulted in charges being laid.

Police say the man has admitted to the offence. 

The man is expected to appear in court later today, charged with assault with intent to rob.  

Oringinal story:  http://everythinggeraldton.com.au/geraldton-news/2013/7/26/armed-robbery-at-sunflower-deli