Homophobic graffiti has residents in an uproar

Graffiti that appeared a couple of nights ago on Durlacher St on the approach to the Waverly St bridge has upset local residents, who are calling it "cowardly" and "tiny minded".

The painted writing, which was misspelled, doesn't just declare the author's preference for the current laws whereby homosexuals are not permitted to marry, but also adds a derogatory slur at the end.

Ironically, the graffiti has probably done more to solidify the argument FOR gay marriage rights as it paints those who oppose it as homophobic. One resident who contacted us said while they weren't necessarily pro gay marriage they found the writing offensive.

The gay marriage issue sparked quite a lot of debate recently in Geraldton when the topic was raised at the Durack candidates debate prior to the election.

All the candidates present, except the Liberal candidate Melissa Price, committed to supporting gay marriage. Ms Price, who is leading the vote count at this stage, said she would have to consult her constituents before deciding how to vote on the issue, and said she didn't believe it was the most important issue at the moment.

This is not the first time vandalism like this has occurred in the area. Residents tell us that similar graffiti appeared there a couple of years ago and was present for months before being removed.

The council has been informed of the graffiti and said they will remove it, according to reports we have received.


Jason Smith

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