Rock throwing at cars reports surging again

Everything Geraldton has had a surge in reports of rock throwing at cars and motorbikes recently. 

One moped rider also reported being hit with a bottle recently, we've had numbers of reports of cars being hit with rocks, and even a report of young people deliberately putting branches on the road to slow vehicles down making them easier to hit.  

Some of the locations include the underpass on the John Willcock link, Sanford St,  

We spoke with police a couple of months ago when a spate of rock throwing was occurring, and they assured us they were working hard to deal with the problem. 

Speaking again with local Police today, Everything Geraldton was told that Police are aware of the ongoing problem. The locations of the incidents and the sporadic nature makes them challenging to address, but again reiterated they were doing what they could to tackle the problem. 

Motorists are advised to take extra care on the roads, and if you see anything please call the Police immediately on 9923 4555 (option 4 for local station).

Young people need to be aware that lives are at risk with such reckless behaviour, and they can face charges for such action.

In July, a 10 year old Meekatharra child was charged after using a slingshot to hurl a rock at a truck carrying explosives. 




Jason Smith

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