Rock throwers could face vigilante justice - truck run off road in recent incident

Much has been said about the danger posed to drivers by the spate of rock throwing at cars in Geraldton of late.

But it appears the children involved now could find themselves in harms way, as drivers take matters into their own hands.

A recent post on the Facebook page "Geraldton Crime Reports", quotes a community member who witnessed a very angry truck driver last night. 

"At about 9.30pm last night on North West Coastal Highway I saw a semi trailer run off the road in a haze of smoke and dust. This happened 300m north of Red Rooster heading toward the chapman river bridge.

"The trucks brakes were fully locked up as it skidded sideways off the road towards the trees. The truck ended up on the gravel with the trailers still half on the road in a u shape, I'm not sure how it didn't roll over !!

"As I approached the truck the driver jumped out with a baseball bat screaming abuse that 2 kids had ginged his truck window and caused him to run off the road nearly crashing.

"The driver was not happy to say the least and proceeded to walk the area for 5mins looking for the 2 kids. I think if he had of caught them he would of done something he would of later regretted. I stopped and tried to help but the driver was in no mood for help so I left him there still searching for the kids.

"Something needs to be done about this its getting out of control and I fear not only for the cars and drivers that are hit by rocks but for the kids that are doing it.

"I hate to think what will happen if they are caught by someone that they have just caused to crash !!"

While the behaviour of the people throwing rocks at cars is deplorable, community members are reminded not to break the law themselves in response to any incident.

If you have any information regarding these incidents, please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.