Tale of Murder and Mystery set in Geraldton-Greenough

Murder and mystery await fiction lovers in a thrilling debut novel by first-time author Ken F Stewart, titled “Devlin Pool.” The story follows two Geraldton detectives as they try to unveil the mystery behind a present murder referencing to past controversial massacres. The story marks Stewart’s stunning entrance into the publishing world and the first book of a possible murder-mystery fiction series.

An eerie feeling while standing on the banks at Devlin Pool and rumours of a massacre impelled Stewart to weave his story. Set in the Geraldton-Greenough area, his book is the story of a murder and its ensuing police investigation. Set against this contemporary crime are the 19th century murders of sailors who had been involved in a robbery at sea and the massacre of Aboriginals in the area.

The book introduces two quirky characters that make the storytelling always interesting. Two Geraldton detectives, Barney Merrick, a young football playing detective, and Zep Marcon, his more experienced partner, encounter a bikie feud and Aboriginal rights issues as they try to solve the killing. All these during the period of the frenzy of a local football Grand Final, makes their tale even more alluring.

Deftly infused with controversial sub-themes like illicit drugs, bikie gang feuds, police operations, Aboriginal demonstrators and Australian rules football, “Devlin Pool” is one thrilling novel that showcases Stewart’s cunning and engaging storytelling. A seamless blend of modern murder and a glimpse into the early Western Australian settlement, this opening saga leaves readers thirsting for an ample sequel.

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About the Author 
Kenneth Frederick Stewart was born in 1948 in Perth, Western Australia, and grew up in the suburb of Cottesloe. He is now a retired teacher after 42 years in the classroom, 25 of those as the Head of Mathematics Department in senior high schools. Ten years were spent in Geraldton, and during that period, he was a senior goal umpire for the Great Northern Football League (GNFL). He now lives in Balcatta in Perth. Stewart runs a separate web page for his family history research with KITTO as a one-name study. He is a keen body surfer and bush walker. Stewart has had no previous fiction published. However, he has compiled several personal family history booklets, some of which are now on his web pages, along with many extensive family trees.