Dogs attack and kill pet sheep

Early this morning (Saturday 19 Oct) a Deepdale couple awoke to the sounds of barking and ran outside to find three dogs attacking in their yard and attacking their sheep.

Mr and Mrs Smith managed to fend off the dogs, but then found two of their pet sheep dead, including a week old lamb.

They contacted the Rangers and alerted their neighbour who also had a missing ram, which was later found still alive.

Shortly after, the dogs returned and the Ranger also arrived and caged the dogs.

This comes after the CGG was quoted this week by the ABC as saying their has been a rise in the number of dog attacks, with many owners being prosecuted and fined.

"The rangers were brilliant. And arrived in good time considering the time of day and it being a Saturday" said Mr Smith, the owner of the pet sheep.

"The ranger said the owners would be charged."

"I was quite sad when I was burying them, especially the little lamb."

When asked what he would think would be a fair punishment for allowing the three dogs to kill his sheep, he said "I can't really put a dollar value on them. And any fine issued goes to the city, not me. But I'd prefer they spent the money on decent fencing. And I would probably like an apology."

Owners of dogs are reminded that they can be charged for being liable for dog attacks.


Jason Smith

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