Residents concerned over fire hazard properties

Neighbours of a home on the corner of Ainsworth Street & Arnold Street are concerned about what they see as a very real fire hazard. 

The abandon property that covers 3 lots in the central Geraldton has been vacant for a couple of years, according to locals. The elderly woman who resided there previously was unable to do a lot of maintenance.

Anna Campbell, who lives nearby, says complaints have been made to the council over the last three years to no avail, with no clearing work carried out. 

The derelict house was even connected to power for quite some time, says Ms Campbell.  

Geraldton residents had until October 5th to have their properties compliant with the Firebreak Standards. 

Click here for a copy of the CGG firebreak standards brochure. 

House fires are a very real danger everywhere (there was a house fire in Abraham St just this morning), but the extremely dry summers in Geraldton mean unless blocks are prepared, fire can spread dangerously quickly. 

At a recent council meeting, city staff did promise to crack down hard on non compliant property owners with fines.