Car Accident Strathalbyn - narrowly misses house

A red coupe has crashed on Verticordia Drive in Strathalbyn. 

Witnesses who were playing soccer at a nearby oval say it appears the vehicle hit a curb before losing control and crashing through a fence. 

The vehicle narrowly missed a large rock and a tree, and came very close to crashing into a home. 

Police, fire and ambulance services have arrived at the scene. 

It appears there were no vehicle occupants other than the male driver, and no other vehicles were involved. 

The driver appeared to be "miraculously" ok, according to one witness. 

Brad Letch, who lives where the accident occurred, commented:

"This accident happened at 17 and 19 Verticordia Drive - the car came through the front of 17 and ended up in 19. The young driver lost control because he was drunk and speeding through suburban streets. Initially he obliterated my solid limestone letterbox ( this probably saved his life - killing most of the car's velocity ) I can't believe the rest of the story - there was a gap of about 2 meters between a gum tree and a 6 ton granite rock I had placed in my front yard. Both the tree and the rock have been scraped by the side of the car and a low hanging branch has pushed the roof of the car down on the driver as he passed through the garden. My letterbox ended up spread all over the neighbors yard and took out about 20 meters of my fence. This bloke needs to go and say a prayer or something because it is a miracle he is alive. The Police and Fireys have said this as well. YOUNG PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP AND BE RESPONSIBLE when they have the right to hold a license, drink, etc. Anyone in my family - my pets or neighbors could have been killed by this persons lack of care and responsibility - come on crew get real - DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE AND LET'S HAVE AN END TO ROAD RAGE AS WELL."


Jason Smith

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