Latest reports from around Geraldton

Suspicious activity

Last night we received reports of people walking around Wandina/Seacrest whistling and setting all the dogs off.

It's hard to know if it's just kids causing a nuisance for a laugh, or a deliberate attempt to see if a home is protected by a dog.

Either way, all suspicious activity should be reported to the police.

While you may not see a crime take place, the police will have a record of other incidents in the area and your information may help catch the suspects.

Many residents have been sharing what they have seen on Everything Geraldton has well, in an attempt to keep community members alerted to what is happening. You can do this by posting in the Your Voice section of our website. Click here

Vehicle and home robbed

Sherie Anne Townsend posted on Everything Geraldton's Facebook Page. The saddest part is the irreplaceable photographs stolen that where on the computers.

Our house in Alexander Parklands was broken into a couple of days ago and everything stolen including my partners car. Red VX SS sedan with no spoiler n black tape to cover the holes where spoiler gets bolted in, noticeable dent on drivers side front guard and the rear bumper paint is faded the number plate 1DQT920. If anyone has seen her heard anything please contact the police or pm me. The house was all locked up with roller shutters n the car was locked behind the gates. We don’t want anything back except our photos of our baby from the laptop and iPad. Just put them on a thumb drive n put it in the letterbox.

Air con stolen

Leeann Kelly-Merritt posted yesterday on Everything Geraldton's Facebook page

Anyone seen any suspicious activity last night in Karloo .....Solomon Circle area? Some [...] stole my air-con from a window.... I never had trouble in this area before apart from solar lights stolen

Update on the Glendinning Park hooning vehicle

Yesterday we posted about a vehicle that was hooning around Glendinning park (Click here)

We spoke with the police about the incident, who said they were extremely "snowed under" at the moment.

Fortunately, members of the community recognised the vehicle and contacted the police regarding the incident. Other witnesses of the incident also came forward, and many members of the community expressed their concerns over this type of behaviour.