Heads up

Few minutes ago: Hi just had someone in our back yard corner sander st brand hwy. he took off on foot towards south gates police have been notified.

Just sent in

Two lads found breaking into a house on Glenview St. One got away and one busted his ankle and is currently in a cop car.

People have been breaking into cars on Marinula road mount tarcoola. Sent in a few minutes ago.

House on tuart street in Rangeway was broken into and trashed. Sent in a few minutes ago.

Earlier this evening

Krystina Stol posted to Everything Geraldton

"People in rangeway just beware of two young boys knocking on door asking stupid questions. I just found out that two boys knocked on our door when my car wasn't in the car port (I wasn't home), asking my partner for directions while the other boy came out from the side of our house. He could of been snooping over our fence. Just doesn't add up!!

Also earlier this evening: .9.36pm tonight my dog was barking went to my front glass door and looked out the glass next minute a flash went off i opened front door and they took off onto Soloman circle a guy was riding dark skin reddish quad bike .... so now they are taking pictures of peoples homes

Earlier today

Michelle Mclean posted to Everything Geraldton

HEADS UP !!!! Rangeway residents.. just been informed that yesterday around 5pm . two children between ages 7-10 years old , one white Australian with orange hair wearing a white t-shirt and shorts, and an Aboriginal Australian wearing a blue shirt and shorts , were branding large kitchen knives, walking up Petchell St. telling you to drop to your knees we have knives.

Sent in yesterday by Sulina Basto after being broken into:

"Police have told me that the thieves first throw a rock at ur window to see if u come out. and if u dont they will make their next move and break in. they did this to me twice. the first time i was home. so they took off, but today they got me while i was out."

Abandoned car remove

We mentioned a vehicle that had been abandoned in Bluff Point for a couple of weeks. 

We received a message that it was removed the following day. 

Double Demerits

Are still in effect until Monday. So keep an eye on the speed and stay safe on the roads. A lot of people will be travelling home this weekend, so be patient on the roads.

Lost and Found

There's a number of items on the Lost and Found section of this website. Check the classifieds Lost and found forum if you find or lose anything in the Geraldton area.

Including this by Brian "just went to woolworths and found one bag of shopping in car park returned the bag to woolies so if you are looking for it you will know what's in it cheers"

School Holidays at PCYC

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