Daily update

Stolen Vehicle

A very distinctive Jeep was stolen from Mt Tarcoola about a week ago. The owner says "if you happen to see it email hayley.marie8787@icloud.com "

The rego (when it was taken at least) was 1CQU299

Was last seen in Mt Tarcoola

Also taken about a week ago, this red Commodore.  "Stolen just before New Years, it's got black tape on the boot where the spoiler mounts on and a very faded rear bumper"

Please call Police if you can help at all.


If you're the person who found an Xbox belonging to a Declan, we think we've found the owners...

SharnaWhitehurst JohnSimpson posted to Everything Geraldton


To the person who had posted about the xbox please contact me ASAP please. I was told that someone had posted something on here yesterday and it belonged to a boy name Declan who is 6 yrs old. We had just come home from a holiday and find that my boys xbox is missing and his name is Declan.

Please email Everything Geraldton at admin@everythinggeraldton.com.au and we'll be happy to forward the details to Declan's family. 

Lots of Smoke

We mentioned earlier about the smoke warning issued, from a massive fire down south. Lots of people have still been messaging us wondering if Geraldton was on fire somewhere.

Don't worry, no fire here (atm).

Here's some pics of the haze sent in by Shane Tapper.


Michelle Agi posted a note of thanks to some kind strangers today. While crime may have spiked recently, it pays to keep things in perspective and remember what a great place we live in.