Deceased man's house robbed and trashed

A home on Abelia St in Rangeway has been thoroughly ransacked some time between Thursday and today. The home was owned by a diabetic man who passed away early New Year's Day.

The family of the Geraldton man are pleading with the Geraldton community to help them locate some of the items that have been taken, and asking anyone who has any information to come forward.

Items taken include wedding rings, a large flat screen television, lots of distinctive Hell Bunny / Rockabilly style clothing and skate shoes.

The sister of the man said the TV was very heavy, and it would have taken more than a couple of kids to carry it away. She also described the home as completely trashed, with every single cupboard having been gone through.

Losing a family member is traumatic enough, and having to deal with this is another unnecessary burden on the family members.

If you have any information whatsoever, please call Geraldton police immediately on 99234555.


Update: Neighbours home also broken to.

Large machete and keys to a gun safe stolen.

Didn't get any guns.