Excellent Customer Service Commended

We love to hear about your great customer service experiences in Geraldton. And even if the business doesn't advertise with Everything Geraldton, we think they deserve a shout out.

Casey shared a few updates on Saturday, and we thought we'd share them with you-

I am seriously digging the awesome customer service lately, Geraldton!

I normally do a majority of my shopping online, due to long work hours, convenience and general poor customer service that has left me bitter. However, I need to shoutout to some wonderful experiences this past week.

I wish I needed to buy a new bed more often, because the team at Forty Winks are spectacular! Extremely knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and very patient with my terrible indecisiveness.

I popped into Trizzys on the mall today for the second time ever, and had the most wonderful and knowledgeable lady help me out. Found me what I wanted right away and I didn't even know what I wanted! Had a great chat too!

And also to the young girl that was working in the Linen department in Target today. Very helpful and friendly, and answered all my questions and also found exactly what I wanted right away.

Loving it!! Thanks for reminding me there still is great customer service out there!!

If you've had awesome customer service lately and want to give the person or company a shoutout, post it in the comments below or shoot us an email - admin@everythinggeraldton.com.au