Geraldton Mum cycling across AFRICA!

Geraldton Mum, Sonia Davies, has embarked on a gruelling bike ride across Africa that's 11,693km long. That kind of distance may cause us mere mortals to stare at our computer screens with gaping mouths , but the mammoth effort is in the name of a worthwhile charity in Camp Quality.

From Sonia's donations page:

The Tour d’Afrique is a test of mind, body, and bike. Its a journey of body and soul on roads less travelled and where I will be pedaling my way across Africa on the ultimate long distance cycling adventure with 45 other cyclists from all over the world.

The 11, 693km route will be challenging physically and mentally and will undoubtly be like no other experience ever before. The joys along the way will be the beautiful scenery, the triumph will come from conquering one of the longest and most difficult bike expeditions in history and the motivation will be the support I’ve received in funds raised for Camp Quality.

Whatever the goal, whatever the amount raised, this is a journey that I hope to share with you and one that I hope you can share with others too!



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