City to cull Corellas

Recent increase of Corella activity has caused a widespread destruction of public buildings and fauna, resulting in the Council taking measures of last resort after gas sound cannons have failed to stop the menace.

The City of Greater Geraldton currently holds a permit from the Department of Environment and Conservation to allow the culling of Corellas flocks causing damage to property.

City Mayor Ian Carpenter said the Corellas are not endemic to the Geraldton area but during the summer months they have been migrating to the coast for water and food resources.

“No one takes enjoyment from the culling activities, but it is necessary if we are to stop the extensive damage that the Corellas are causing,” he said.

The licence allows up to 400 corellas to be culled in the locations of:

  • Alexander Park
  • Utakarra Park
  • Wonthella Park
  • Wonthella Sports Complex
  • Greenough Oval
  • Walkaway Town site

Mayor Ian Carpenter doubts the impact that the culling program has on Corella numbers.

“The culling usually takes place at Wonthella Oval as the area can be controlled and the birds congregate there in large numbers,” he said.

“Even though we are permitted to cull 400 Corellas, we rarely exceed 100 as the birds get the message pretty quickly and move on.

“From my own observations the culling program has not had an impact on the Corella population as a whole,” said Mr Carpenter.

“Our objective is not to reduce the number of Corellas but to move them on and prevent the damage they cause in our City.”