Don’t leave your pets in hot cars

With several reports lately of people seeing pets left in hot cars, local vets have warned people to be careful around the summer months.

Chapman Animal Hospital urged the fact that given extreme hot weather conditions, it only takes six minutes for a dog to suffer heatstroke in a hot vehicle.

Vet Sarah Mason said leaving a pet in a vehicle for any amount of time was bad news.

“We have seen quite a few dogs who have suffered heat stroke and it can result into them going into shock and as a worst case scenario, they suffer organ failure which can result in death,” she said.

“Dogs create heat by panting and that heat doesn’t evaporate in a car so they just end up getting hotter and hotter.”

Dr Mason also reminded people to not exercise their dogs in the heat of the day.

“I would stick to walking your dog very early in the morning or late at night,” she said.

“We see dogs with heatstroke and even burnt feet from being walked in the heat of the day.”