Drummond Cove Progress Association planning a foreshore

Designers from award winning company CoDesign Studio will immerse themselves in Drummond Cove culture for a week to help develop a foreshore plan for the community.

Driven by the Drummond Cove Progress Association and funded by the City, the aim is to develop a foreshore precinct when the beach cottage leases expire in 2016.

The team from CoDesign will arrive in Drummond on Saturday and will spend a week undertaking structured participatory visioning and design workshops with the residents and the broader community.

The Drummond Cove community are invited to come along to the various activities so they can have their say on the future of the foreshore.

Drummond Cove Progress Association Treasurer Todd West, said the relationship between the community group and the City had been imperative in getting the designers in Geraldton for the week.

“There is a lot of heritage and history in Drummond Cove that many people don’t know about but we want to create something that will preserve that,” he said.

“We want to have the essence of the fishing community that was once here.”

Leading the team from CoDesign will be Hugh Adamson who says people should come along for their voice to be heard.

“The CoDesign team is looking forward to creating a genuine and inviting way for the Drummond Cove beachfront community to take part in designing the future look and feel of the foreshore,” he said.

“CoDesign Studio will work with CGG and community members to provide professional design guidelines and advice created from what the community have identified as opportunities, constraints and priorities for the area.”

Take notice of the detailed schedule, which will be released on the Drummond Cove Progress Association Facebook page.

The activities will begin on Sunday, based at the Batten Hall.