Midwest Fishing Report by Tackleworld Country

LOCAL ROCKWALLS Reports of Tailor to 30cm and mulloway to 15kg being caught from behind the Fishermen's Wharf rock walls.

TW Gero crew have been flicking soft plastics along the harbour walls recently and have been finding lots of small hard fighting fish readily hitting the plastics.

Guys fishing the northern rock walls have told us of good catches of school sharks after dark.



We have heard more reports of Cod to 40 cm being caught from inside both the local harbours.

Small Tailor are plentiful along the ocean walls with small metal and hard body lures working well.

We also were told of a nice little Golden Trevally that was caught by a young lad fishing squid baits off the jetty in the new marina.

There was another Golden Trevally caught from the jetty by our good mate Craig a few weeks back. (pictured below)

Other anglers fishing mulies off the new marina jetty are telling stories of continually hooking up to solid fish and getting busted off.




Tailor to 50cm are being caught on ganged mulie baits from the first and second points most mornings.

Dinner plate sized Dart have also been making an appearance to those fishing small baits in close to the wash zones.


Good customer Nik recently spent a couple mornings chasing Tailor and a ball nailing 18 good sized Tailor in one hot little session.


The end car parks have held good numbers of smaller Tailor with the odd soapy Mulloway thrown in the mix.




Bream to 38cm have been caught on prawn baits up near the mouth.

Mangrove Jacks are becoming a regular capture for anglers fishing around the rock bars and tight snags further up river.

We have seen photos of Jacks being caught that are well over 40cm the past couple weeks.

Devlin's pool has produced Bream to 30cm, fishing after dark has been extremely quiet with bites near on nonexistent after the sun goes down.

Anglers are still reminded that the Greenough River is a very unhealthy healthy system and most fish species are carrying red spot disease at this time. It is not advisable to eat any fish out of there until further notice.




Spanish Mackerel and mixed Tuna species are still patrolling the back edge 12 -20m with good reports of fish falling to Yo Zuri Hydro magnum and Rapala deep diving lures.

Reports of small Dhu Fish and Coral Trout being caught on soft plastics from the deeper 15m plus drop offs.


Dhu fish around 10kg caught from around big African. The old blue box Squid has been the go to bait this week.

Baldys in the 45- 50cm size range have been found in numbers out in the 20m ground west of African reef by anglers fishing Zman and Gulp crab soft plastics on 1 - 2 ounce jig heads.


Sothern Group is producing Dhu Fish, Trout, Mackerel, Yellow Fin Tuna and Pink Snapper with a few surprise Red Emperor turning up.

Local young gun Jazali sent us a photo earlier this week of a solid dhu he nailed on soft plastic and on light 20lb gear caught near long Island. (pictured below)


Coral Trout to 60cm are plentiful along the western edge, lots of reports of Spanish Mackerel and Long Tail Tuna being caught on the troll and by anglers casting stick baits and poppers at the shallow areas.

Lloyd our fishing manager spent 3 days last weekend at the southern group testing lures with Duo Lures Australia, stay tuned for a full report coming soon.



Sea Ride Blue Blue -

Blue Blue fishing brand from Tokyo have designed a very unique jig that is designed for the casting and jigging game.

These jigs come pre-rigged with top quality micro flashing assists attached via a split ring to the head of the jig. Normally with most casting jigs the weight is located at the rear however with SeaRide the majority of the weight is located at the head aiding to create the erratic actions it displays. The finish is also top notch with a variety of colors to choose from.

Another brilliant feature about these lures is that they be cast out and fast retrieve back, which creates an erratic side-to-side action, which is irresistible to the apex predators. So therefore, this lure is two lures in one with the slow jigging as well as the fast burn retrieve.

Blue Blues Sea Ride are not just limited to casting but can also be used for vertical jigging with extremely effective results on species such as Skippy, Snapper, Cod, Dhu Fish, Sampson Fish, Mackerel, Tuna, Coral Trout etc, Sea Ride Blue Blues have proven very popular with offshore jig fisherman.

Sea Ride jigs are designed with the latest in slow jigging technology with its amazing slide action, these jigs glide erratically through the water column like a soft plastic. These jigs are perfect for inshore and deep sea fishing and are used best when there is little or no run. The Sea Ride have a very unique "dolphin action" like no other lure in the world. When you slightly twitch upwards and retrieve, this creates the unique "dolphin" swimming action which is irresistible to many fish.

If you are into jigging in any way, then these are a must have for your jigging wallet.


In store now in sizes 20gm, 60gm, 120gm, 180gm.




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