Mid West strengthens relationship with China

The City of Greater Geraldton has been given a boost in its quest of fostering a friendly relationship between Linfen City, Shanxi Province, China and Greater Geraldton.
An item is to go before Council on Tuesday, March 25 to seek Council's support of the formation of a strategic partnership between the two cities.
Chinese businessman Mr Wu Xiaonian, Chairman of Shanxi Jianbang Group, a major investor of Top Iron Pty Ltd and a big advocate of Geraldton, indicated on his most recent visit this month, that he would contribute 10 per cent of his personal profits to the Mid West from Top Iron's first iron ore shipment out of Geraldton, and to facilitate co-operation between Linfen City and the City of Greater Geraldton.
Top Iron signed an agreement with Geraldton Port Authority in September 2013 to establish itself as the next significant iron ore exporter from the port.
Greater Geraldton Mayor, Ian Carpenter said Linfen City expressed interest in fostering a friendly relationship between Geraldton and Linfen City in September 2012.
"Since that time the connection between Linfen and the Mid West through Mr Wu taking on an advocation and facilitating role has been very active and growing," he said.
"There are many benefits in forming Sister City relationships and some of these have already been demonstrated - one for example through Mr Wu's facilitation of a delegation tour for the Geraldton Port Authority to visit China's Lianyungang Port to assist in solving the swell problem at the Geraldton port."
Mr Carpenter said apart from the economic benefits such as international investment and job opportunities, students and teachers can take part in educational exchange programs and joint research can be undertaken between universities.
"Forming these relationships improves our international profile in all these areas and attracts more international visitors. It also allows for further diversified cultural and community interaction," he said.