Hoons vandalise Chris Mainwaring Park

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Chris Mainwaring Park has been vandalised overnight with reports of hoons through the area.

Lana posted on Everything Geraldton's Facebook page about a grey Nissan Nivara hooning through the park at 2am this morning.

"To the idiots who were hooning in the Chris Mainwaring Park at 2am this morning, I hope you are proud of yourselves for defiling a memorial. I bet your grey Nissan Nivara has a few dents and bits missing this morning!" she said in her post.

There are several tyre marks on the park surface, the park sign has been knocked over and several wooden posts have been damaged.

There looks to be parts of the car left at the scene also.

The park located in Seacrest was named after Geraldton-born AFL star Chris Mainwaring who passed away in 2007.