Boating community praised for safe weekend on the water

1526899_223569601165808_388664023_n Geraldton Volunteer Marine and Rescue Group have praised the local boating community after many took to the water to enjoy the stunning weather over the weekend.

The group were impressed with not one incident being called in over the weekend.

"Congratulations to the Geraldton boating community, despite being one of the busiest weekends on the water in ages we had no incidents, not even a tow in." The group said on Everything Geraldton's Facebook page.

Ian Beard from the Geraldton Volunteer Marine and Rescue Group said that the weather was a big draw card for local boating enthusiasts.

"It was the first lot of good weather we've had in months so we had a lot of people out on the water," he said.

"It was great to see there were no incidents, I think people are gradually getting the message that they need to take a bit more care when they are out on their boat."

Ian urges people to log onto the Geraldton Volunteer Marine and Rescue Group radio frequency (picture above) every time they go out on the water.

"Out main message is to try and get people to log onto the radio when they go out," he said.

"If they get into strife it makes the rescue and recovery process so much easier.

"Logging onto the radio frequency should be a big part of any boating routine."