State welcomes synthetic LSD crack down

Police Minister Liza Harvey has welcomed the decision by Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan to significantly toughen laws for the importation of four types of synthetic LSD drugs. Mrs Harvey said listing these substances as serious drugs would ensure the penalties of between two years jail and life imprisonment would apply to those who were involved in the importation of these substances.

“I’m really pleased the Federal Government has listened to our concerns about these drugs and has acted accordingly,” she said.

“Parents and families across Western Australia want these drugs out of the community and our kids’ hands. Stopping these drugs at our borders means WA Police don’t have to stop them on our streets. 

“This is another sign that both the State and Federal governments take these matters very seriously.

 “I welcome the decision by the Federal Government to introduce tough new laws to help us combat this scourge, and I know this will be welcomed by the Western Australian community.” 

These substances are a potent form of hallucinogenic drugs, called NBOMes which seek to mimic the effects of LSD and pose a significant danger to the health and safety of Australians.

NBOMes are generally purchased on the internet and imported into Australia. They are commonly marketed as Smiles, N-Bomb and Pandora. These types of substances have emerged very quickly in Australia, particularly over the last two years.

The new regulations will come into effect in the coming weeks.