Narrow miss for Rangeway residents as car damages five homes

image resize It’s a miracle that no one was seriously injured in a car crash early this morning which involved a high powered Commodore V8 crashing through the front vicinities of five consecutive homes on Rifle Range Road.

The vehicle has caused extensive damage to homes in Rangeway early this morning after crashing its way through front patios, lawns and gardens, a power pole, cars, a water meter and carports across five houses.

The car is reportedly a red Commodore and the occupants were quick to flee the scene after the incident.

Police believe that alcohol was involved.

Everything Geraldton spoke to Rangeway resident Murray whose home was majorly affected by the crash.

The vehicle crashed into the front verandah of his home then into a parked car in Murray’s driveway which spun the car around which was almost a blessing in disguise as it changed the path of the speeding vehicle.

The vehicle was only a short distance away from crashing straight into Murray's bedroom as he slept.

Murray’s property had extensive damage to his front verandah a fence and also his car.

“I thought it was an earthquake when I first woke up to the extremely loud noises,” Murray said.

"They must have been driving at least 100km/h.

“I ran outside to see two people running away but I know there were more.

“It really is a miracle that no one got hurt.”

Police, SES and the ambulance were at the scene this morning.

A power line was also knocked over in Abelia Street Rangway around the same time but it is unknown if the two incidents were connected.

Local police are urging anyone who has information about the incident to contact the station.