More CCTV cameras installed in CBD

photo-4 The Geraldton Police's Crime Prevention Department within Community Law & Safety has been expanding the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) network throughout the City.

Currently Geraldton has 57 CCTV cameras which include external cameras in the community and internal coverage within council buildings.

Community Law & Safety Team Leader, Neryl Beer said the CCTV cameras were responding to the needs of the community.

"Community Law & Safety has a strong focus on the needs and expectations of residents throughout the City of Greater Geraldton and believes that a safe and secure community leads to individual wellbeing and social growth," she said.

"So while there may be the feeling of ‘Big Bother Watching’, there is an undeniable advantage gained by having CCTV in our lives.

"CCTV expansion enhances public safety and security and the cameras allow constant monitoring to deter and in some cases prevents anti-social or criminal activity."

The most recent CCTV installations have been competed at the Rubik’s Cubes toilets on the Foreshore and also the new Esplanade located at the West End of the Foreshore.

The township of Mullewa is also set to have 3 CCTV cameras with additional cameras installed in 2014.