Midwest gets funding for kidney dialysis treatment

People of the Midwest have received a boost in health services after the Commonwealth Government announced funding which will help to fund kidney dialysis treatment in regional Western Australia.
Under the Australian Government’s Bringing Renal Dialysis and Support Services Closer to Home project, $45.8 million has been allocated to expand renal infrastructure and dialysis and support services.

It will provide 17 additional renal dialysis chairs and 46 patient accommodation units for up to 92 patients meaning for the first time many patients with kidney disease will be able to receive dialysis near or in their communities.
Ten small and medium sized regional and remote hospitals across four regions of WA including Geraldton and Carnarvon.

Member for the Agricultural Region Paul Brown MLC welcomed the announcement and said it was vital for regional areas.

“This funding will allow the expansion of renal infrastructure and dialysis and support services in Geraldton," he said.

Nationals candidate Shane Van Styn also supported the news.
“Easier, more accessible treatment will help transform the lives of many local patients. It will take a huge load off them in terms of travel, inconvenience and being away from family and loved ones,” he said.
WA Deputy Premier and Minister for Health Dr Kim Hames said with increasing numbers of people with chronic kidney disease it was important to expand existing regional services and establish new services.

“This funding also recognises the importance of providing essential support services such as patient accommodation. It will reduce the need for many people to travel to Perth and will have social and economic benefits for communities,” he said.

“It will be of particular benefit for indigenous families who experience significant fragmentation when parents and elders have to leave their communities to seek treatment.”