Public turn out to cleanup Chapman River

10177534_1423215957935791_2104834636_n Over 30 garbage bags were filled with rubbish after the weekend’s cleanup of the Chapman River.

Organised by community group Chapman River Friends, the public was invited to help clean up the local area.

The cleanup focused on Chapman River Estuary between Spalding Park and the river mouth.

The weather proved perfect with over 30 people from small children all the way up to the elderly along the river and using stand up paddle boards to clean up as much rubbish as possible.

The volunteers were even lucky enough to take in some of the amazing animals of the river.

“It was a perfect day and everyone had a lot of fun in this useful outdoor activity,” the group said on their Facebook page. 

“Thanks to each and every volunteer for their valued help and thanks to the City who provided equipment for the cleanup - and plates of yummy fruits!”

Friends of the Chapman River urge anyone who is walking along the Chapman River to take a bag with you to remove rubbish along the way.

“The Chapman River Regional Park will be very grateful!”