Speccy surfing at 4th annual surf comp and novelty beach games day

IMG_0241 It was a sight to see on Sunday as 150 local spectators and 60 competitors graced Back Beach or the 4th Annual Geraldton Christian Surfers Competition and Novelty Beach Games Day.

After a safety briefing and prayer, the Novelty Division Expression Session began.

Through this division, competitors joyfully rode inflatable surf craft and standard boards with intent and amazing displays of skill with a giant bouncy castle in the background.

Some of the speccy results included:

  • Best Wave:  Bodhi Brooker (15):  A quality wave with a big forehand hack send spray well above the lip.
  • Best Trick:  Ruben Edwards (12):  Grab a tractor tyre tube, caught a wave, stood up and completed a 360 degree turn on his way to shore.
  • Best Theme Interpretation:  Mac Carter (11):  stood up wearing float ring on top of a chair on top of foam surfboard.
  • Best Effort:  Lilly Piesse (7):  Completed an awesome coffin ride.
  • Most Committed: Ishi Weaver (7):  Got hit by a stray surfboard as she walked out to surf but soldiered on catch some great waves.

Next up, was the grommet heats in more of a standard style competition.  For many surfers, it was their first surfing contest and they cruised up and down the challenging waves throwing in impressive turns wherever possible.

For the MicroGrom and SuperGrom divisions, parents were also able to assist in dragging their children into position to help them get onto the best position of the waves breaking.

MicroGroms Champion: Jake Haagen (8) 18.3 Points MicroGroms Runner Up:   Jai Plumber (8) 15.0 Points

SuperGroms Champion:   Mac Carter (11)  16 Points SuperGroms Runner Up: Jed Taylor (12) 14 Points

CadetGroms Champion:  Bodhi Brooker (15)  14.3 Points CadetGroms Runner Up: Coup Taylor (14)   13 Points

A donated refurbished surfboard was also given away to Taylor Healy (9) as an encouragement award for her consistently impressive surfing on a soft top surfboard up to the quarter finals.

Christian Surfers Geraldton president Nathan Boothman again was impressed with the community spirit around this event.

"I want to thank God for the amazing day and the huge effort from all our volunteers,” he said.

As event organisers, Christian Surfers Geraldton also want to thank sponsors including Midwest Surf School, Geraldton Surf Life Saving Club, Sticky Feet Wax, Kim Ansell, Midwest Signs, BM Surf, Geraldton Surf and Sail and Stone Surfboards.

People looking to learn to surf can call Midwest Surf School on 0419 988 756 or for fortnightly surf adventures can call Nathan from Christian Surfers Geraldton on 0422 428 972.

post cadet final


Before Expression 2