Futuristic road camera to target distracted drivers

Last week Channel Ten's The Project the panel discussed the introduction of new, highly advanced speed cameras, which will be able to photograph motorists from up to 700 meters away.

The first of these cameras was introduced to roads in Victoria this weekend, just in time for double demerits.

The idea is to nab those people who 'put their phone down and put their seatbelt on when they see a police car', according to Assistant Commissioner Robert Hill, quoted in The Age.

Motorists who break the law will be photographed long before they see the camera.

It isn't just mobile phones and seat belts that will be targeted however. Drivers who are distracted by eating, drinking, or even applying makeup will be caught on film.

The Project even showed footage of one woman plucking her moustache at a set of traffic lights, which sparked a lively debate between the guys and gals on the panel.

For more information check out the story in The Age.