Extending the hand of friendship

QEII inaugural friendship group

“You gotta have friends”, sang the indomitable Bette Midler in her 1973 hit of the same name, and more than 40 years on it rings true for a new Geraldton group.

The as yet unnamed ‘friendship group’ held its inaugural meeting at the Queen Elizabeth II Seniors and Community Centre earlier this month.

Set up as a group for seniors to meet new people and form new friendships, the first meeting attracted 12 participants who all had great ideas for future meetings and all hit it off with friendly banter.

Kicking off the first meeting, QEII Seniors and Community Centre Coordinator, Rosetta Finlay, said the idea is to have a casual monthly get together for coffee, lunch or other outings.

“Friendship is very important and a lot of people as they get that bit older can be at risk of becoming isolated and missing out on that vital part of life,” she said.

“By organising this initial coming together of the group, members could form individual friendships with like interests that could take them off in all sorts of directions and expand their ‘friendship circle’ even further.”

Suggestions for future outings included trips to Nukara Farm, Oakabella Homestead, the Airing of the Quilts at Northampton and even a fundraising evening at a local Indian restaurant.

One gentleman who volunteered the fact that he has a mini bus licence was very popular!

“We could explore options of venturing further afield,” said one lady delightedly.

Word of the meeting spread like wildfire through the QEII Centre with another three people attending other events there asking to join the friendship group.

The group next extends the hand of friendship and welcomes all. Please contact Rosetta Finlay on 9921 2684 for more information and the date of the next meeting.