Rider apprehended after failing to stop for Police

An 18-year-old Karloo man has been charged with a number of offences after he failed to stop for Police whilst riding an off-road motorcycle.

At about 2.15am on Sunday April 27th, Police were conducting patrols of the Wonthella area, when the motorcycle was observed travelling south on North West Coastal Highway.

Police attempted to stop the rider by activating the emergency lights and sirens. Police allege the rider looked back and gestured at police with his middle finger before speeding away.

The rider continued down North West Coastal Highway, passing through the lights at Eighth Street. Police followed the rider left onto Eastern Road. The rider approached the intersection of Eastern and Rifle Range Road where it is controlled by a roundabout and drove across the middle of the roundabout jumping the paved area and continued at speed to the end of Eastern Road.

The rider turned onto the cycle path adjacent to Utakarra Road and continued through bushland. Police monitored and the rider where possible until he was observed to return to the road. Police attempted to stop the vehicle again, however he again sped away.

The motorcycle continued east down Utakarra Road and turned left into Flores Road. The rider left the road, travelling into bushland again when he rode into a large puddle, stopping the bike.

Police were able to approach the male rider and apprehend him before he could start his bike again.

The motorcycle was seized under hoon legislation.

The male was conveyed to Geraldton Police Station where the following charges were preferred:

1 x Reckless Driving 2 x Fail to stop 1 x Contravene Learners permit 1 x Fail to wear helmet whilst on motor cycle 1 x Possess cannabis 1 x Possess drug paraphernalia

He will face Geraldton Magistrates Court on 22 May 2014.