Geraldton Netball Association senior 1 preview

IMG_1490 The Geraldton Netball Association senior one competition gets underway tonight with a 2013 grand final re-match between last year’s premiers Aztecs and this year’s competition favourites - Falcons.

Aztecs have had little change to their premiership side other than the addition of defender Clare Gee from Pumas while Falcons have welcomed former state shooter Maddi Schultz and defender Jess Kiely.

Falcons will be a hard force to break especially in attack with Schultz combining with former teammate Stevee Adamini. The pair were both from Pumas before Adamini made the change to Falcons last year and Schultz this year.

Falcons mid-court gun Rachel Opalinski will step into the role as coach for the side with veteran coach Sue Worthington as assistant coach.

Despite Falcons looking prime to take out the 2014 title, Opalinski says the competition will be tight.

“It should be another close and even competition this year,” she said.

“I think Kazuals will be extremely strong with returning players like Katie Kingdon.”

Aztecs’ coach Leanne Fiorenza says she is hoping for another full team effort in this year’s season.

“I think every single one of my players is vital,” she said.

“I’m looking forward to another great season and I still want to continue to develop my players.”

Kazuals have compensated for the loss of Tania Newey, Mischa Westlake, Holly Kerr and Brittany Moore with the additions of Kingdon as well as Zoe Sellers, Bridgette Clune and Bonnie Kerr.

Pumas will welcome back returning player Shelby Kennedy to the side while Lightning have added 7 new players to their squad.

Keep an eye out for match updates during the week.



6:30pm Aztecs vs. Falcons 8pm Pumas vs. Kazuals Bye: Lightning



Team: Aztecs

Coach: Leanne Fiorenza

Finished last year: Premiers

Player Ins: Clare Gee (Pumas)

Player Outs: None

Key Players: All of my players

2014 ladder predictions:

1st- Falcons

2nd- Kazuals

3rd- Aztecs

4th- Pumas

5th- Lightning

Season comments: Looking forward to a great season and to continue to develop my players.


Team: Falcons

Coach: Rachel Opalinksi

Finished last year: 2nd

Player Ins: Jess Kiely (Perth), Maddison Schultz (Dongara)

Player Outs: Kelly Eastough (Injury), Tessa Venturini (University in Perth)

Key Players: The whole team.

2014 ladder predictions:

1st- Falcons

2nd- Kazuals

3rd- Aztecs

4th- Pumas

5th- Lightning

Season comments: It should be another close and even competition.



Team: Kazuals

Coach: Mischa Westlake

Finished last year: 4th

Player Ins: Zoe Sellers (returned town), Bridgette Clune (returned to town), Katie Kingdon (returned from having a baby), Bonnie Kerr (returned to town).

Player Outs: Tania Newey (pregnant), Mischa Westlake (injury), Holly Kerr (Perth), Brittany Moore (Perth).

Key Players: The whole team. The return of a few senior and experienced players will add some depth.

2014 ladder predictions:

1st- Falcons

2nd- Aztecs

3rd- Kazuals

4th- Pumas

5th- Lightning

Season comments: Hoping for a close and competitive season. Lots of young talent coming through in all clubs which is exciting.


Team: Lightning

Coach: Kym Morphew

Finished last year: 5th

Player Ins: Kyra Jupp (Aztecs/Travel), Jess Desmond (Jnr 1 Pumas), Ellen Evers (new to town), Kirrily McCory (Snr 2), Lily pepper (Jnr 3), Emma Smith (Snr 3).

Player Outs: Raina Hunt, Sharna Hunt, Nat Hunt, Christine Tilley.

Key Players: Ex-Midwest Tiger Kyra jupp and junior talents Lily Pepper and Jess Desmond.

2014 ladder predictions:

1st- Falcons

2nd- Kazuals

3rd- Lightning

4th- Aztecs

5th- Pumas

Season comments: great to see the return of talented players. Looking forward to the juniors hitting the senior one court.



Team: Pumas

Coach: Nic Gleghorn

Finished last year: 3rd

Player Ins: Shelby Kennedy (returning)

Player Outs: Tayla Royce (university in Perth), Clare Gee (aztecs), Ellerby Schultz (Falcons Reserves).

Key Players: Alesha Burnett (Condon), Annie Ducas, Shelby Kennedy.

2014 ladder predictions:

1st- Pumas

2nd- Falcons

3rd- Aztecs

4th- Kazuals

5th- Lightning

Season comments: We’ve got a good mix of senior and junior players. Great to have Shelby Kennedy back playing. Looks like it will be another close season with some new players in the mix.