Doctor in Geraldton allegedly groped elderly patient and asked for oral sex

Kaitlyn Offer reporting for Perth Now:

A Victorian doctor groped and requested oral sex from a 68-year-old woman admitted to a regional WA hospital for depression and suicidal thoughts, a tribunal has been told.

The man in question, John Myers, was able to practice despite several other past findings of unbecoming behaviour.

The State Administrative Tribunal which has heard the allegations has not yet reached a verdict.


According to Perth Now his track record includes:

  • Indecent assault in 2000
  • Unprofessional treatment of an elderly couple in 2000/01 including creating a "destructive relationship between the couple and their children"
  • "Unprofessional conduct of a serious nature" in 06/07
  • Had his registration cancelled in 2013 following a relationship with an infatuated patient from 1999 to 2008.

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