Legal action planned by CASA following drone incident in Geraldton

Back on the 6th of April at the triathlon in Geraldton, Raija Ogden was struck and injured by a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

tri accident

People get hit on the head all the time and it doesn't make the news. But if someone is injured by some new technology everyone is fascinated. It made world headlines.

Screenshot 2014-06-26 00.22.34

Raija Ogden was taken to hospital and had part of a blade removed from her head.

tri accident 1

Warren Abrams, proprietor of New Era Film and Photography and New Era Ag Tech publicly claimed a few things including:

1. Someone had hacked into his system causing the crash 2. The UAV didn't actually hit the athlete. 3. He was operating the UAV and is fully licensed.

A copy of the licence was supplied to Everything Geraldton along with a request to distribute it.

abrams licence


1. People disputed the likelihood and even the possibility of the drone being hacked, as you'll note from the comments on this FB post