Not again! Police investigating another possible homicide

Local Wonthella residents who saw a large Police presence in 7th St this morning have had their fears confirmed with what may be a second homicide in Geraldton this week One resident said: "how scary just down from us something has happened forensics ambulance cops street blocked off with tape and now a forensic buss !!"

About 6:50am this morning police were called to a home in Seventh Street, Wonthella where the body of a man was located. Major Crime Squad officers and Geraldton Detectives are investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Two men are currently assisting police with their inquiries.

Four areas that have been declared a Protected Forensic Area (PFA) and please remember than it is an offence to enter any of these areas.

Roads currently closed until further notice are:- · Seventh Street x Central Ave Wonthella · Seventh Street x Howard St Wonthella · Eighth Street x Central Ave Wonthella · Eighth Street x Howard Street Wonthella

Police stressed that this matter and the matter from earlier on in the week are separate incidents and are in no way linked.


A car park area at Geraldton Regional Hospital is also closed and is a Protected Forensic Area (PFA).


--- Update

Geraldton Police wish to advise that the current crime scene in place on Eighth Avenue Wonthella will be remaining in place for the foreseeable future.

Eighth Avenue is blocked off from Pass Street, heading in an easterly direction and continues to the intersection of Eighth Avenue and Howard Street.

This crime scene incorporates a number of sporting facilities in that region, and at the present time, Geraldton Police can advise the following:

Geraldton Netball Association: The Geraldton Netball association advise they are cancelling all fixtures for tonight.

Geraldton Basketball Association: Fixtures continuing as per normal. Parking for the basketball association will be utilised at the rear outdoor basketball courts and entry to the complex through the rear entry. No access will be permitted to the front of the premises.

Geraldton Badminton Centre: No contact has been made as yet, but this building is in a position where no persons will have access to it.

The crime scene does not impact parking for the Geraldton Tennis club, bowling club, soccer, Bridge, Squash or the Towns Football club.

Geraldton Police thank the public for their understanding in relation to this incident and will advise when the road re-opens as per usual.