City to collect data on condition of entire road network

ARRB vehicle

The City of Greater Geraldton has more than 3,800km of roads valued in excess of $500 million and they City have said it is vital the that our roads are managed responsibly.

So if you see a white Nissan Patrol four wheel drive vehicle cruising the streets with a number of cameras on the roof, and a strange box on the front, do not be alarmed, it is not Big Brother or Google Earth conducting surveillance on residents, it is a research vehicle conducting a condition assessment of the City’s roads.

The City has engaged the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) to collect data regarding the condition of the entire road network in Geraldton and Mullewa, using state-of-the-art equipment, and it will provide the City with the most accurate information in order to determine future maintenance and renewal programs.

The vehicle is fitted with a series of cameras and lasers angled towards the road for monitoring and will not intrude on anyone's privacy.

This technology is used extensively nationally and will allow the City to plan expenditure on local roads more effectively.

The vehicle is driving every sealed and unsealed road in the City, including car parks, until the end of September.