Construction professionals have the chance to meet with NBN Co

NBN Co will present a Call to Industry on the 9th of September. In conjunction with Master Builders Midwest branch – Geraldton, the sessions will give Geraldton’s construction professionals the chance to meet with NBN Co New Developments representatives.

The construction of the NBN in Geraldton will mean new construction projects can be prepared ready for high speed broadband. A group presentation runs for about an hour commencing at 11am, to provide information and to allow questions to be asked and answered.

From 1pm and through 4pm, NBN Co will remain available, for one-on-one sessions for those who would like more detail to support regular and multiple construction activities.

All sessions will be a friendly open interaction that will offer insight in to topics such as pre-qualifying which addresses have the NBN already under construction in the area, the easy online tools that make applying for fibre easy, and; technical guidance about preparing buildings and subdivisions for the NBN.

Sam Dawe and Scott Edwards from NBN Co invite construction professionals to attend the event, proudly supported and held at the offices of Master Builders West Australia.

WHEN: September 9th, 11am to 4pm. WHERE: Master Builders Association, 4 Walton Close Geraldton