Dog bites Geraldton man

Posted in the Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch group by Amalina Razak-Wilson on Wednesday evening:

**WARNING** gruesome photo!!
Hi guys,
My husband got attacked by a dog tonight about 9:30pm, he said it looked like a stray and had no sign of any obedience at all.
This was on first st in wonthella, corner of NWCHighway. He was going from his mates house to the car when the dog jumped out of no where and attacked him.
The dog went straight to his face but he managed to block it with his forearm and was forced to kick the dog off him.
He described the dog as big and brown, looked like a bull mastiff.
He explained that the dog was tall and went up to his waist, he is 6"2, the dog had no collar.
His friends in the car said that they saw another dog accompany that dog but didn't do anything. I haven't had a chance to report to rangers, I will in the morning.
Just please if it is your dog, keep it locked up, you wouldn't want this happening to a child that can't defend themselves. He is in hospital and staying overnight and will be seeing surgeons tomorrow for a possible surgery.
Matthew (who was bitten) has 9 stitches.