Update on truck incident in Glenfield

On Wednesday afternoon several Everything Geraldton readers alerted us to an incident where a truck's trailer had rolled north of the 440 road house. 

Geraldton Police have provided the following information:

  • The incident occurred at around 4:20pm on the North West Coastal Hwy in Glenfield.
  • Mid-West Traffic Enforcement Group and Department for Fire and Emergency Services responded to the crash.
  • The truck trailer was carrying dry ammonia nitrate.
  • Initial indications suggest that the truck trailer lost traction upon connecting with the gravel verge.
  • This resulted in the trailer rolling independently from the truck, causing the trailer to break away from the prime mover. 
  • The trailer rolled onto the left side of the road, causing spillage of the dry ammonia nitrate into nearby bush and paddock area.
  • The scene was positively assessed by the Department for Fire and Emergency Services for any risks associated with the crash. 
  • The driver did not sustain any injuries.