Police officer ends up with broken ankle after violent struggle

Around 1:00am this morning (30/1/15) Police say they were pursuing a driver of a Holden Commodore in Urch St, Beresford but the driver attempted to evade them. Moments later they discovered the car parked in a driveway. 

They breath tested the man, who tested positive, and attempted to take him in to custody. 

However the man did not go peacefully, according to reports from Police. He struggled violently and a 36 year old Police officer ended up with a broken ankle. 

The man was eventually taken to the Police Station where he was charged with Failing to Accompany Police, Obstructing Police and Excess .05. 

The 20 year old man from Bootenal was released on bail and is to appear before the Geraldton Magistrates Court on 12 February 2015.


Jason Smith

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